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For most of us, superannuation will probably be the largest and most important long-term investment you’ll ever hold. Unfortunately, many people don’t give it much thought until it’s too late. And with average life expectancies increasing every year, it means your super has to last you even longer. So regardless of how far off retirement is for you, getting some expert advice now will help make sure you can afford to live comfortably throughout your post-working life.


Getting organised early will give you the best opportunity to boost your long-term savings. And, the more money you save now, the more you’ll be able to do in your post-working life; whether that is to travel, give back to the community or leave an inheritance for your family.


You can choose to seek advice on Super in two ways – either through ‘focused’ advice specifically on your super, which does not take into account the rest of your financial matters, or through ‘comprehensive’ advice, which involves creating a full financial plan for you that incorporates all of your financial affairs.


By seeking expert advice from our financial advisers, we can help you:


Optimise your super – this can include helping you consolidate your super funds, and finding lost super. We can also work out which investment opportunities will maximise your savings in super.   


Boost your super savings – this includes looking at which super strategies are suitable for you, such as salary sacrifice options, or personal and spouse contributions.   


Your adviser will consider your personal circumstances and goals and then recommend which super strategies are suitable for you.

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